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"TRY ME", 2022

Ryla Louise is our resident artist and graphic designer. The first collection we have to showcase is a dope collection because it's customisable.

A few pieces have already been created and are currently available to purchase. To order a custom piece from this collection just email us at with the following:

Subject: artwork title 


  • Introduce yourself

  • Background color

  • Main character body color

  • Eye color

  • Any other specific details wanting to be included (fees may apply)


"BAWDY", 2022

An ongoing collection by Ryla Louise, this collection features feminine forms in a variety of mediums. "Bawdy" collection focuses on the curves and softness of the female 'bawdy' (yes, you have to pronounce it like that).

There's a sensual gentleness in the femininity of the curves and supple lines. Even as a simple line drawing, there is no mistaking the female 'bawdy'. 

Women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful and should be celebrated.

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